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February 9

Can I Apply for DACA if I Have a Criminal History?

I’m applying for DACA but I have a criminal history. What are the differences between significant misdemeanor, non-significant misdemeanor, and felony?


A felony is a federal, state or local criminal offense punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

Significant Misdemeanor

A significant misdemeanor is a misdemeanor as defined by federal law (specifically,

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February 6

Immigration Court Postpones Immigration Hearings

Immigration Court Postpones Thousands of Immigration Hearings for About 5 years

The Executive Office of Immigration Review has began to issued new court dates for individuals with cases and immigration hearings in removal proceedings. This date is approximately 5 years, beginning the day after Thanksgiving 2019. This new protocol was caused by a severe backlog

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February 3

USCIS to Expand DACA

USCIS will begin accepting requests for expanded DACA Beginning February 18, 2015

Back on November 20 of last year, President Obama announced a multiple executive actions to crack down on illegal immigration at the border. This was targeted to the prioritization of deporting felons not families. Furthermore, it would require many undocumented immigrants

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