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September 1

Delays in I-765 or I-485 Work Authorization

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has communicated that work authorization applications have been suffered delays. The report shows the delays occurring after the stage of getting the I-765 or I-485 approved but before receiving the employment authorization card or permanent residency card.

Causes for the I-765 / I-485 Delay

USCIS has linked the work authorization card issues back to the Corbin, KY based card production facility. The production facility has recently gone thru a maintenance resulting in work authorization card production work being moved from Corbin to the facility in Lee Summit, MO. This has impacted all card production.

Impact of the I-765 / I-485 Delay and Resolution

The backlog of cases created in the Lee’s Summit has impacted applicants by delaying their work authorization cards at least two weeks after approvals. USCIS hopes that the log jam is resolved during September of this year.

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