Notice: Return your DACA cards by July 30

3 year DACA Work Permit Holders Must Exchange for a New 2 Year Permit

If you were issued a 3 year EAD, you must return them to the federal government in exchange for a 2 year permit. The administration is beginning the process of visiting homes of 3 year permit holders this week. Visiting over a thousand homes cannot put these administrators in the best of moods, so avoid any issues by returning the DACA EAD by July 30, 2015 via certified mail to:

Attnn:  ACD DACA
PO Box 87730
Lincoln, NE 68501-7730

Make sure to also contact your employer so that they can correct your I-9.
Failure to return the 3 year Employment Authorization Document (EAD) will result in DACA being terminated on July 31st, 2015. If your DACA is terminated but USCIS receives your card with proof that itdelivered before July 30, they will send a letter reinstating your DACA. You can ask your closest field office if you have any questions or need to know whether you should return the EAD. If you end up returning the EAD to the field office, make sure you get a receipt for your records.
You an also call (800) 375-5283 and select option 8 to confirm if you are on list expected to return the 3 year EAD.

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