Tablets To Help Administer English Reading & Writing Naturalization Tests

In an effort to modernize and streamline the naturalization interview process, USCIS recently began using digital tablets to administer the English reading and writing tests. Currently many USCIS field offices used digital tablets to sign and/or verify portions of the application, this new initiative will expand tablet usage, allowing the device to be used for a greater portion of the application process. USCIS will retain discretion to utilize the paper process  on a case by case basis.

While the eligibility requirements and the subject material of the naturalization test have not changed, applicants are now using a stylus on a digital tablet instead of a paper application. As indicated by USCIS, Immigration Services Officers (ISO) will carefully instruct applicants on how to use the tablets before administering the tests:

  • For the reading test, a sentence will appear on the tablet and the ISO will ask the applicant to read it.
  • For the writing test, several lines will appear on the tablet, replicating the appearance of a piece of blank paper. The ISO will read a sentence aloud and ask the applicant to write it on the tablet.

Applicants will continue to take the civics test verbally, without the tablet.

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